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Leadership Positions

Leadership Positions

Leadership Positions
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CNE – Strategic Thinking


Want to create the leading pipeline of your organization?

Then opt for an assessment with the CNE - Complexity Navigation Evaluation to evaluate the Strategic Thinking of your managers.

The CNE is a structured process with high validity and reliability, developed to evaluate the ability of individuals to make good decisions in a complex environment.

It is based on Elliott Jaques' Theory of Stratified Systems (TSE), which categorizes the various levels of functions according to the degree of complexity required, ranging from pure operational work, to fully strategic work.

Bright Concept provides this unique assessment that several successful multinationals have recognized as essential for the selection and promotion of Managers, Directors and CEO's.

The evaluation session is composed of:



Wave Entrepreneurial


Report that presents the entrepreneurial potential of an individual based on the Entrecode® Model of successful entrepreneurs who have created and leveraged high value business, starting with virtually nothing, most of the time.

This model is the result of 15 years of research by Professor David Hall et al.

The results are presented through:



Leadership Impact


Saville - Leadership Impact is an overall assessment of the leadership potential, developed by Saville Consulting.

It is the result of extensive research on the key features for professional success in various organizational contexts at the level of leadership and management roles.

The model encompasses elements that have been validated as the most important and predictive of the performance and potential of top managers. Tested in terms of consistency and validity, it has higher levels than many other instruments on the market.



Leadership Risk


Saville Leadership Risk identifies where leaders can bring risks to their organization, to its culture and to themselves. It supports self-awareness and development to mitigate the potential risk of leadership misconduct.




Swift Analysis Aptitude


This 18-minute Saville Consulting test measures critical reasoning through short verbal, numerical and diagrammatic sub-tests (6 minutes each). It is designed for all top-level functions, for example, Directors, Managers, Professionals, Licensed and Management Trainees.