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Training in Leadership and Team Management

Training in Leadership and Team Management

To develop leadership skills quickly and efficiently. Our training programs are tailored to your organization's needs and can be complemented with assessments, coaching and gamification.

Available through face-to-face or online workshops depending on your needs. 

Training in Leadership and Team Management Academy

Leadership is not innate. In order to be a leader, one must develop a set of specific skills that will only make sense as long as the leader himself develops. Leadership is synonymous with example, strength and wisdom.

This is what your employees are looking for in themselves. That is the person they want to lead them. Therefore, it is important that you identify your strengths and those of potential improvement so that you can work on them.


Rute Paulino
Head of Learning at Siemens SA

"The partnership between Siemens SA and Bright Concept lasts for more than 15 years, if we count on the relationship we started with Conceito O2.

This has been a partnership that, despite its long standing, remains a current, challenging and surprising one, due to the way in which Bright Concept continues, as in the beginning,  responding  to the challenges that Siemens brings, in an exciting, adaptive, flexible way and always in search of the best solutions for our most pressing needs.

Set in a relationship of mutual trust, transparency, responsibility and high professionalism, this is a collaboration that we continue to privilege  and we hope to keep it alive for the new challenges of the future!"


Programs can last for a certain period that can be variable in length, but we consider that 6 months is what is needed to ensure an effective and sustainable change. Programs usually start with a diagnosis, by using one or several instruments in which we are certified. Then we make several interventions throughout this period with training, team or individual coaching, and gamification. In addition, at the end of the program, we evaluate the results.

Find out below the face-to-face leadership programs we have for you and your employees. 

Together we can take your leadership to a higher level.