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Training in Leadership and Team Management

Training in Leadership and Team Management

Bright Concept presents its leadership and team management training solutions.

Our training programs are tailored to your organization's needs and can be complemented with assessments, coaching, online monitoring and gamification. They are also available in face-to-face or online format.

What is the importance of training in Leadership and Team Management?

Leadership is not innate. To be a leader you need to develop a set of specific skills throughout your life that only make sense as the leader develops.

Effective leaders are capable of motivating and inspiring their employees, aligning their actions with the company's objectives, making assertive decisions and guiding their teams to achieve results.



Leadership is synonymous with example, strength and wisdom. This is what your employees are looking for in you. It is this person they want to lead them. In this way, it is important that you identify what your strengths are and that you work on them.


Acquire leadership skills

Acquire leadership skills

Achieve greater results

Achieve greater results

Develop confidence and self-esteem.

Develop confidence and self-esteem.

Improve efficiency and productivity

Managers with training in Leadership and Team Management know how to motivate their teams, efficiently delegate tasks and optimize work processes, which leads to an increase in the efficiency and productivity of the team.

Increase employee satisfaction

Well-developed leaders know how to motivate their employees, recognize their work and value them, which leads to an increase in employee satisfaction and engagement.

Improve the organizational climate

Leaders with their well-developed skills are able to create a positive organizational climate, where employees feel valued and respected, which leads to an increase in motivation and productivity.

Improve the company's image

A team led by a leader trained in Leadership contributes to a better image of the company, as it demonstrates more commitment to quality, innovation and excellence in customer service.

Talent attraction and retention

Training in leadership and team management can help companies attract and retain leadership talent, as talent values the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and grow professionally.

Professional growth

Training in leadership and team management can help individuals to become more effective leaders, with more developed skills, with greater adaptability and to advance in their careers, assuming more challenging and responsible roles.


Rute Paulino
Head of Learning at Siemens SA

"The partnership between Siemens SA and Bright Concept lasts for more than 15 years, if we count on the relationship we started with Conceito O2.

This has been a partnership that, despite its long standing, remains a current, challenging and surprising one, due to the way in which Bright Concept continues, as in the beginning,  responding  to the challenges that Siemens brings, in an exciting, adaptive, flexible way and always in search of the best solutions for our most pressing needs.

Set in a relationship of mutual trust, transparency, responsibility and high professionalism, this is a collaboration that we continue to privilege  and we hope to keep it alive for the new challenges of the future!"

Training areas in Leadership and Team Management

Our Leadership and Team Management Courses are aimed at different levels of leadership. Generally, the requests in our courses are divided as follows:

1. First Time Managers

Team Management

Intercultural Communication

Agile Methodology

Getting Things Done® Gtd



2. Middle Managers

Remote Work

Training in Coaching

Leadership in the Female

Positive Power & Influence®

The Inner Game® Essentials For Leaders

Teamwork With Mbti®

Emotional intelligence®

3. Management and Administration


Strategic thought

Change management

Leadership Training

Critical Thinking

Media Training

Positive Intelligence®


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At Bright Concept we use several internationally recognized certified programs created by the best universities and companies in the world. These courses are supported by bestselling books, apps to support over time or scientific diagnoses. See below for the description of each one.


Training Methodology in Leadership and Team Management

Programs can vary in duration, but we believe that 6 months is what is needed for the change to be sustainable. We usually start with a diagnosis with one or more instruments in which we are certified. Then we make several interventions spaced in time through training, team or individual coaching and gamification. At the end of the program we evaluate the results.

Together we managed to take leadership to another level.


The programs that we present on this page are the ones that we sell the most. But, we love to be challenged!
Tell us what you want to develop so that we can make you a proposal. Contact us to find out more.

Bright Concept offers training in several languages, customizing its offer according to the customer's needs. Contact us to know more. 

Our Leadership and Team Management training programs are aimed at companies or organizations. However, we can run open courses where you will have the chance to enroll individually. These will be announced on our communication channels (website, social networks, newsletter).

We can also use coaching to respond to your needs. Contact us to find out more.

We are prepared to offer our programs either in person or online.