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Coach Leader
Coach Leader

What is Coach Leader?

It's a two day or four 2 hour sessions Workshop where Managers and Directors learn Coaching skills and introduce a coaching culture into their organization.

Challenge of Coach Leader

Managers need to support the long-term development of others to attract and retain talent. In effect, they want their leaders to prefer long-term development to immediate performance standards.

Our solutions about Coach Leader

This Program provides the techniques and process needed to develop a new way of working. The objectives are:


The Program:


A diagnosis of coaching skills before training can also be carried out to promote reflection on the status quo and identification of development priorities. At the end of the program it may be carried out again to assess developments.


Coaching as a business practice is here to stay, although the word may disappear when your values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours become the norm for everyone.

John Whitmore

Curiosities about Coach Leader

Worldwide, an estimated 10 900 managers use coaching consistently.

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