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Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking

What is Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a cognitive competence defined by the ability to objectively analyze and evaluate information, trying to clarify its accuracy and make an informed judgment, ignoring external biases. It involves the evaluation of sources, data, observable phenomena and research results.

It includes the ability to reach reasonable conclusions from a set of information, and to discriminate between useful and less useful details for solving problems or making decisions. Critical thinking people also have the ability to solve problems creatively, integrating existing thinking with new knowledge and applying it in different contexts.

In a nutshell, critical thinking is a way of thinking in which the person actively works to improve the quality of their thinking, paying attention to the way they think.

What is the Importance of Critical Thinking?

According to the World Economic Forum Report, Critical Thinking is rated as the 4th most important skill by 2025.

The development of Critical Thinking is becoming more and more a priority, as with the increase in available information, it becomes even more essential to know how to distinguish between what is reliable and what is fake news. Another reason is the increased competitiveness and complexity of services and products, which also makes it necessary to always be learning and innovating.

Organizations seek to improve these skills in their employees so that they have the ability to:

  • Ask questions,
  • Clearly and accurately assess the information,
  • Understanding abstract problems,
  • Offer fact-based resolutions
  • Apply your solutions with all relevant standards and criteria
  • argue efficiently
  • Solve problems.

The main barriers to having critical thinking are:

  • Existing egocentric and narcissistic thinking
  • groupthink
  • social conditioning
  • biased experiences
  • schedule pressures
  • arrogance and intolerance
  • Fatigue or lack of mental activation

Our Solutions about Critical Thinking

The development of critical thinking and overcoming these barriers can be achieved through


You have a brain and mind of your own. Use it, and reach your own decisions."—

Napoleon Hill

Curiosities about Critical Thinking

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