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Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking

Come expand your critical thinking skills and stand out in a world where the ability to analyse, question and discern is fundamental

Experience the opportunity to become an informed leader, an exceptional problem solver and an agent of positive change.

What is Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a cognitive competence defined by the ability to objectively analyze and evaluate information, trying to clarify its accuracy and make a reasoned judgment, ignoring external biases. It involves the evaluation of sources, data, observable phenomena and research results.

It includes the ability to draw reasonable conclusions from a set of information and to discriminate between useful and less useful details for solving problems or making decisions. People with critical thinking also have the ability to solve problems creatively, integrating existing thinking with new knowledge and applying it in different contexts.

In summary, critical thinking is an intellectual approach in which the person actively works to improve the quality of his thinking, paying attention to the way he thinks and seeking to improve his ability to analyze, evaluate and solve problems. It is an essential competency to successfully navigate a complex and ever-evolving world, enabling people to make informed decisions and adopt an analytical and inquisitive mindset.




Investing in the development of Critical Thinking within companies is investing:

  • In improving decision-making,
  • In solving complex problems
  • Fostering a culture of innovation.

It's a way to empower employees to face the ever-evolving challenges of the business environment and maximize their growth potential.

By developing Critical Thinking in their employees, companies:

  • Promote an analytical and questioning mindset.
  • Encourage the search for creative and innovative solutions.
  • Promote the ability to analyze information impartially, evaluate evidence and question assumptions
  • Create an environment that allows teams to make more informed decisions, identify and resolve issues more efficiently, and manage valuable insights for business growth and sustainability.

It is, therefore, essential that organizations recognize the importance of Critical Thinking and promote initiatives that encourage this competence among their members.


According to the World Economic Forum Report, Critical Thinking is assessed as the 4th most important competence by the year 2025. This finding highlights the growing importance of developing Critical Thinking, especially in the business context.

In today's world, where the amount of information available is vast and the spread of fake news is a growing concern, Critical Thinking becomes an indispensable skill. It is essential to be able to discern between reliable sources and false information, so that informed decisions can be made and avoid pitfalls that could harm companies.

In addition, the competitiveness and complexity of services and products offered by companies have increased significantly. In this context, Critical Thinking plays a crucial role in the process of continuous learning and innovation.

Companies that cultivate a culture of Critical Thinking are better positioned to tackle complex challenges, identify opportunities for improvement and adapt more effectively to market demands.

Take advantage of the opportunity to develop the Critical Thinking skills that will boost your career!


The development of critical thinking can be achieved through:

Awaken your creativity and innovation

Awaken your creativity and innovation

Develop analytical skills and informed decision-making!

Develop analytical skills and informed decision-making!

Solve complex problems with ease

Solve complex problems with ease

The benefits of critical thinking
  • Formulate questions,
  • Clearly and accurately evaluate the information,
  • Understand abstract problems,
  • Offer fact-based resolutions
  • Apply your solutions with all relevant standards and criteria
  • Arguing efficiently
  • Solve problems.
Barriers to critical thinking
  • Existing egocentric and narcissistic thinking
  • Groupthink
  • Social conditioning
  • Biased experiences
  • Schedule pressures
  • Arrogance and Intolerance
  • Fatigue or lack of mental activation

Discover how our Critical Thinking course can transform your approach to decision-making.

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You have a brain and mind of your own. Use it, and reach your own decisions."—

Napoleon Hill

Our programs are designed around the needs identified by customers. In this way, the content changes according to the client and the situation in question.

Our Critical Thinking course is designed to empower leaders, professionals and individuals looking to improve their ability to analyze, make informed decisions and solve problems.

Bright Concept programs are designed and customized according to the client's needs, including language. Training is mostly given either in Portuguese or in English. If you would like the critical thinking course in another language, please contact us.

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