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Managing teams in hybrid work
Managing teams in hybrid work

What is Managing teams in hybrid work?

Successful leaders don't come out of nowhere. Uncertainty, crises, challenges and setbacks shape these individuals, creating a moment of transformation and triumph. And, these uncertainties arise in the most diverse ways: from moments like the 2020 pandemic that changed the way we work all over the world, to dealing with completely different people that make it difficult to use a single management strategy.

Leaders need to develop strategic and productive leadership. And, they increasingly have to manage teams where employees are in different locations. This requires the manager to know how to manage remotely and use online tools for interaction between employees.

Challenge of Managing teams in hybrid work

We are facing a world where changes occur quickly. And, to keep up with these changes, leaders need to prepare to deal with all scenarios and possibilities, being attentive to all innovations and uncertainties that may arise in order to react at the moment and thus ensure success and productivity.

At present, about half of modern companies use virtual teams to increase productivity, reduce costs, and leverage global talent. However, this new way of working increases the lack of trust and disorganization within the team, resulting from inefficiencies in communication and social isolation. It also diminishes the sense of commitment as they do not feel the other team members as teammates.

In addition, with digitization, managers have to be more customer-centric, visionary, adaptive and agile, commercial, data-driven, open, curious and innovative. These are many skills to develop.

Our solutions about Managing teams in hybrid work

To best deal with uncertainty, our Leading teams in the virtual era program works with the main online tools that mediate interaction between employees. Topics such as these will be approached:


The Web does not just connect machines, it connects people

Sir Tim Berners-Lee (English inventor of the World Wide Web)

Curiosities about Managing teams in hybrid work

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