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What is Media Training

Aiming to prepare leaders and employees to deal with journalists / media, but also to provide them with additional skills for other moments of exposure, we present our training in Media Training.

We will also be looking for answers to the questions:

  • What topics of the institution may have journalistic relevance?
  • How to approach the themes, ensuring that the message is understood?
  • How to make the Institution/themes more interesting in the eyes of a journalist?

The sessions will be worked around the reality of the organization, complying with the appropriate confidentiality criteria.

What is the Importance of Media Training?

In today's day and age, people are constantly exposed to media - either by TV, cellphone, or even in the true and tried newspaper. This makes us be always on the lookout for news about everything that happens, good or bad. For organizations, being seen and heard is part of the deal for getting media coverage and exposure for the business, but it makes the need for proper media training arise. 

Being able to deliver impactful messages is one of the central features of media training, and with it the proper use of the processes and protocols that are necessary to make sure that the message is clear, is recognizable, direct, and it won't compromise anyone. 

It's media training that allows companies to quickly manage difficult situations and scrutiny by properly using the means of the media to manage the response and preserve the reputation. As such, this training is a proactive measure that one can take to create and develop the skills to positively serve in crisis situations and in day-to-day exposure. 

Our solutions in Media Training

According to the specific needs of your company, topics such as these will be addressed:

Individual coaching follow-ups are also suggested to increase self-awareness and unlock the factors that inhibit the achievement of goals.


It is always a risk to speak to the press: they are likely to report what you say.

Hubert H. Humphrey

Curiosities about Media Training

A humorous example of the importance of themes such as attitude and projected image, voice, gestures and posture, in a speech, can be seen in this clip of the series "Modern Family", where Claire prepares for a debate with the help of her family, which point out all the issues that may affect her during her speech.

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