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Team Management
Team Management

What is Team Management?

A Team Manager is responsible for ensuring that his/her employees perform their duties and responsibilities in a correct and effective manner. A manager is usualy focused on rationality and control of the goals and resources of your organization. Thus, it becomes essential to have specific skills to keep the team motivated for what needs to be done.

Challenge of Team Management

Hay Group® studies indicate that operating results are influenced by 30% due to differences in Organizational Climate, which is influenced by Leadership Styles by 70%.

Other statistical studies confirm that the behavior of the leader accounts for the majority of engagement demonstrated by the co-workers.


The actions of a leader strongly contribute to factors such as:

  • Commitment
  • Loyalty
  • Motivation
  • Pride
  • Productivity

Our solutions about Team Management

To develop Team Management, Bright Concept conducts Diagnostics, Workshops, Gamification, Coaching and also implements final Evaluation in order to measure the incresase on previaously establsihed KPI's. 


The diagnoses we use the most are:



The objectives of the Team Management Competency Development Program are as follows:

If you want to evolve in this area, you may do the Level 2 Program - Team Leadership.


Productivity ... comes from being challenged, empowered and rewarded teams

Jack Welch

Curiosities about Team Management

When you put the effort in to get to know a bit more about how your colleagues are doing and what they are interested in, it will build a much better rapport among the team.

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