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Getting Things Done® GTD
Getting Things Done® GTD

Ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks and projects you need to manage? The GTD – Getting Things Done method is the solution you need to achieve a more organized, productive and less stressful life.
With GTD, you'll learn to capture, process and organize your tasks efficiently, ensuring that nothing is forgotten and that you are clear about your priorities.

What is Getting Things Done® GTD?

GTD is the work life management system that has helped countless people and organizations bring order out of chaos.

Getting Things Done® (GTD) is the innovative work life management system from David Allen - the 24th world thought leader, it can do it for you.

GTD is a comprehensive system that seeks to bring clarity, efficiency and productivity to your everyday life. The system provides a solid framework for capturing, processing and organizing all of your requirements and commitments, allowing you to focus on the most important and meaningful actions.



GTD is not just a system for managing tasks, but a philosophy of life that seeks to create harmony between work and personal life. By bringing more organization and control into your work life, you'll have more time and energy to devote to your passions, personal interests, and meaningful relationships.



What are the Advantages of GETTING THINGS DONE® - GTD for companies?


One of the main benefits of GTD is its ability to bring clarity and mental relief. By collecting and processing all information, ideas and requirements in a reliable system, individuals free up mental space to focus on immediate and important tasks without worrying about missing something.

In addition, GTD helps to establish clear priorities. By analyzing all your tasks and projects, you can identify which ones are really important and align them with your goals and values.

Another advantage of GTD is its comprehensive approach. It's not just about managing tasks, but addressing all aspects of working life, including project management, goal setting, long-term planning and strategic decision-making. GTD provides a solid framework to handle all of these elements efficiently and effectively.

By equipping employees with GTD skills and knowledge, organizations empower their teams to be more productive, focused and efficient. This results in significant improvements in performance, work quality and the ability to handle the complexity and demands of the modern workplace.


People's ability to effectively focus on the work and priorities at hand is often challenged by the continual flood of necessary but not necessarily urgent information, decisions and actions they have to deal with. This overload can lead to lack of clarity, disorganization, and a feeling of constantly being behind schedule.

How can the organization prepare employees to not just do things, but do the right things?

This is where David Allen's system, GTD (Getting Things Done), plays a key role. This work life management system is designed to help people overcome these challenges, allowing them to focus not just on getting things done, but on doing the right things.

Implement GTD and prepare your employees to do the right things, at the right time!

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By implementing GTD, you will learn to clearly identify and define your tasks, projects and goals. The system helps you create an efficient workflow you can rely on to ensure nothing is lost or forgotten.

The art of stress-free productivity
Getting Things Done® provides concrete solutions to transform a fast-paced, engaged life into one that is integrated and more productive.

GTD in action
GTD provides concrete solutions to transform overload and uncertainty into an integrated system of stress-free productivity. It is a powerful method for managing appointments, information and communication. It is the result of thirty years of consulting services, private coaching and training and organizational programs with millions of people internationally. The program has earned a reputation as the gold standard in personal and organizational productivity.

Deal with chaos and information overload

Deal with chaos and information overload

Get specific tools and techniques

Get specific tools and techniques

Get a complete view of all your tasks and projects

Get a complete view of all your tasks and projects

Key Learning Benefits of GETTING THINGS DONE® GTD
  • Improve productivity through an increased sense of focused control
  • Learn to manage horizontal and vertical actions with effective tools to achieve better integration between professional and personal life
  • Learn how to create the ideal state of performance
  • Address key issues such as "personal versus professional", communication, interruptions, email management, registration, reading material and project support
  • Organize information in the simplest way, into appropriate categories, based on how and when you need to access it
  • Best practices for achieving and maintaining executive sanity
  • Create more time for strategic and creative thinking

Take the first step towards a new way of working and achieving exceptional results!

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Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.

David Allen

Using David Allen's system, our programs are tailored around customer identified needs.

Our GETTING THINGS DONE® GTD course is designed to empower leaders, professionals and individuals looking to improve their ability to deal with chaos and information overload, categorizing it into actions, references or files, thus avoiding the feeling of mental overload.

Bright Concept programs are designed and customized according to the client's needs, including language. Training is mostly given either in Portuguese or in English. If you would like the GETTING THINGS DONE® GTD course in another language, please contact us.

Curiosities about Getting Things Done® GTD

Investing in GTD is investing in your organization's productivity and success.

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