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What is Influence?

This is an Influence Development Program that is a premise on strong influencers fulfilling their personal goals while maintaining and nurturing important work relationships.

Challenge of Influence

Fulfilling goals while maintaining relationships seems simple, but in practice can be extremely challenging. Many people achieve their goals only at the expense of important relationships. Others usually avoid challenging situations of influence, to the detriment of meeting their goals.

Achieving goals such as gaining acceptance of ideas, securing cooperation, tuning agendas and sustaining action, while developing important working relationships, is a challenge for most people. To make things happen in organizations, you need to positively influence others - colleagues, bosses, customers, and suppliers - inside and outside the organization. In addition, people react to different styles of influence, and circumstances also vary which style of leadership will be most successful. For all this, flexibility in the use of different approaches to influence is fundamental.

Increasingly, it is difficult to influence people, because with the increasing complexity of work and globalization, it is necessary to influence more people and people of different cultures and ages. In addition, positional power - status, resources, expertise - is being eroded by technology. This means that there is a change in organizational and social norms, which in turn means that everyone is expected to exercise their personal power and influence regardless of their position in the organization.

Influence is part of the decisive skills to be successful in work and personal life, so it is always a good investment to develop this competence to excellence.

Our solutions about Influence

Influence - Positive Power and Influence ® (PPI®) international program, created by SMS - Situation Management Systems, is a training program through which your organization's employees will learn the power of influence that will help them succeed in their work. The program allows participants to gain insight into their influencing behaviors, diagnose each situation of influence they encounter, and then apply the style of influence that will be most effective.

Based on the innovative Influence Model® and using intense and constant feedback, participants will learn flexible ways to improve influence, depending on the person, goal and situation.



PPI® has a permanent impact on individuals and organizations. Employees will experience a profound change in their understanding of the power of influence, their presence and impact, and the best method of dealing with new or challenging situations.

When participants finish the program, they are very clear about their strengths in terms of influence and know exactly what they can do to increase their impact. They realize how their values ​​and beliefs interfere with their ability to influence and how they can overcome those difficulties. Thus, they can be efficient and authentic collaborators in your workplace.

Participants have access to a set of tools that will help them assess situations, by discovering the goals and motivations of others - so they can plan their actions more effectively.

The program uses ISQ profile diagnosis and training in the use of influence styles, increasing its active development.

If you want to evolve in this area you can do the Level 2 Program - Inspirational Leadership


Join us for the unique opportunity to run this Online Program from September 27th to October 1st, 2021 - see more details here.


The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority

Ken Blanchard

Curiosities about Influence

The SMS performed a data survey done before a PPI program and 4 weeks after it. When compared to the 25% who felt they could succeed before participating in the program, 75% of the participants succeeded against a challenging situation after the program.

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