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What is Storewars®?

Storewars® is a mini-MBA, created at INSEAD 18 years ago, for high-end companies around the world. It is a unique, high quality program, through a business simulation platform, and run more than 800 times in 43 countries and in 8 languages.

Storewars is a complex business simulation and one of the most popular learning programs between FMCG and Retail professionals. Storewars is a virtual business environment that provides 360° insight into the industry. You run a large company, make important business decisions, interact with your virtual counterparts, and monitor the immediate results of your performance.

Storewars enables managers to understand the company's operations from the top, as well as to look at the manufacturer, retailer and consumer perspectives.

Challenge of Storewars®

In order to do a good job, Marketing, Sales and Operations managers, both Retailers and Manufacturers, need to have the following competencies at a very high level:

  1. Total Business Management - overview and management of resources to achieve market objectives
  2. Strategic Management - creation and implementation of company, market, product and customer strategies; strategy and tactics of retailers and manufacturers
  3. Brand and Category Management - product portfolio management from manufacturer and retail perspective; development and launch of new products; private label management
  4. Trade Partnership - understanding the motivations in the retail - manufacturer relationship; mutually beneficial trade partnership; negotiation
  5. FMCG Marketing - Understanding consumer and buyer marketing; manage linear space and consumer perceptions; understanding the impact of marketing strategy on overall company performance
  6. Financial Management - data analysis, budget management and cash flow, monitoring the impact of decisions and strategies on company profitability.


All of these skills can be trained in one training with Storewars.

Our solutions about Storewars®

This training program includes:


Our program is driven and facilitated by a team of highly experienced industry professionals and renowned business school teachers: a powerful combination of business and academic knowledge.

Storewars is not just a management development program. The world's leading companies also regularly use it for team-building, leadership training, networking, and developing relationships with Retail business partners, as well as for evaluation and recruitment of managers.



It was the best program I have seen.

Oenk Aigr, Coca-Cola

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