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Interactive Online Workshops on Artificial Intelligence




What is Data Literacy?

In partnership with Thorly, this program was designed for business leaders and pretend to approach business challenges through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

By learning to identify and develop Data Science projects inside your organization, we pretend to reinforce the way your employees take data-driven decisions. This course will explain how to understand & test the main tools and metrics used within Machine Learning. It will also cover the best management practices for big Data Science projects, through real-life applications and practical exercises.
The course was built for people with no mathematics/statistics skills and solid business experience, suiting Project Managers, Business Leaders from transversal areas (as Marketing, Human Resources, etc.) and Managers in general that want to start a career as Data Science Managers.

This workshop is also available on a face-to-face setting. 

Challenge of Data Literacy

With the increase of data generated for the organizations, the demand for skilled professionals to extract value from data is growing exponentially. As the demand for Data Science Managers is also increasing as new teams, new products and data-driven business mentalities are arising, the challenge is then to learn how to manage these teams, products, etc. and extract the most from the data without technical knowledge. This is accomplished in this course through a detailed vision on practical problems, having in mind theoretical and practical concepts and methodologies for it.

Our solutions about Data Literacy

In this course, the participants will have the opportunity to learn different tools and powerful concepts and apply them with hands-on to real-life problems, being, by the end of the lessons, able to find opportunities, define and manage Data Science projects / teams inside your organization.
The content of the program is split into the following topics and will teach the main tools and sources for each:

  1. Data Science Basics, Fundamentals and Workflow;
  2. Data Collection
  3. Data Analysis and Visualization
  4. Machine Learning methods
  5. How to manage a Data Science team
  6. Data Science Management in real-life application