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Bright Concept

B Corp Certification

B Corp Certification

We are a certified B CORP company

We meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, using business as a force for good.


What is a B Corp?

B Corp is a movement that redefines the concept of success in business. The certification assesses the effects of company operations on all stakeholders – employees, community, environment and shareholders – and analyzes the interconnection of social and environmental performance with financial performance.


This international certification has over 6000 international companies from 160 industries.

The B Corp movement began in Portugal in 2015, sponsored by IES and has continued to grow since then, with currently more than 20 Portuguese companies certified. We are proud to have been certified since September 2016.


What does it mean to be a B Corp?

A B Corp certified company enjoys a wide range of benefits. One of the most significant benefits is reputation improvement. Customers, investors and stakeholders are increasingly looking for companies that demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

By achieving B Corp certification, you signal to the world that your company takes positive impact seriously.

In addition to reputation enhancement, B Corp certification also helps attract conscious customers. Studies show that consumers are increasingly looking for products and services that are in line with their values. As a B Corp, we can be present in this growing market and connect with customers who are passionate about sustainability, social justice and other issues.

B Corp certification can also increase employee engagement. Studies show that employees who feel a sense of purpose and meaning in their work are more productive, loyal and motivated. By including B Corp certification, you can help your employees feel like they are part of something meaningful and bigger than themselves.

And finally, becoming a B Corp can help attract and retain the best talent. In today's competitive job market, candidates are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want to work for companies that share their values and are committed to making a positive impact on the world. By achieving B Corp certification, you differentiate your company from other employers and attract the brightest and most talented candidates.



Some examples of B Corp Certified companies

The B Corp movement is growing rapidly, and there are currently certified B Corps in 70 countries around the world. Here are some examples of companies that are B Corps, both internationally and in Portugal:

International B Corps:

  • Patagonia: An outdoor clothing and gear company that has long been committed to environmental and social responsibility. Patagonia was one of the first companies to become a certified B Corp.
  • Ben & Jerry's: An ice cream company that is known for its commitment to social and environmental justice. Ben & Jerry's has been a certified B Corp since 2012.
  • Etsy: An online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of unique, handmade goods. Etsy became a certified B Corp in 2012 and has since been recognized as a leader in sustainability and social responsibility.

B Corps in Portugal:

  • Wormup: A Portuguese company that specializes in producing healthy, organic snacks. Wormup became a certified B Corp in 2019 and is committed to using sustainable ingredients and reducing waste.
  • Imaginew: A branding and design agency that is committed to using its creative skills to make a positive impact in the world. Imaginew became a certified B Corp in 2021.
  • Wewood: A furniture company that uses sustainable materials and production methods to create beautiful, eco-friendly pieces. Wewood became a certified B Corp in 2020 and is committed to reducing its environmental impact.




Why are we a BCorp?

At Bright Concept we believe that the potential to go further is within us - It’s In You. And as B Corp we are proud to guide our work towards developing people and organizations to be more productive and healthy.

We compete not only to be the best in the world, but also to be Best for the World® 

We believe that in this way, society will enjoy shared and lasting prosperity.

As a B - Corporation we believe that we must be the change we are looking for in the world and that is why we conduct our business by giving importance to people and the place.

Through products, practices and profits, we aspire to harm no one and benefit everyone

We act with the understanding that we are dependent on others and therefore responsible for each other and for future generations.

That's why we created the non-profit No Bully Portugal Association, where we train the Emotional Intelligence of children and young people through schools. At Bright Concept we develop the Emotional Intelligence of adults through the organizations where they work.