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Partners in Leadership

Partners in Leadership

We are the exclusive representatives in Portugal and Angola of Partners In Leadership, through our partnership with DOOR International their worldwide representative, the company recognized worldwide as experts in culture management and developing positive accountability. Since 1989, Partners In Leadership has equipped clients with a proven culture management framework to improve and sustain organizational performance.


Most organizations struggle with getting results. At Bright Concept, in cooperation with Partners In Leadership, we work with leaders looking to improve performance.

Do you look around your organization and see plenty of responsible employees, yet something is still lacking that’s preventing progress? This stems from unproductive behaviors that can show up in many forms, such as missed goals, fractured performance, ill-defined accountability, passive aggression, unhappy customers, lost focus, misalignment, workplace dissatisfaction, and turnover. We know that culture produces results and that most organizations have a culture that could be better.

We provide the framework, tools, and expertise that enables leaders to design and manage culture—the way people think and act in an organization, becoming not just responsible, but accountable for the results. 

Our team of professionals will help you, creating greater alignment and ownership for results that matter most.


For over three decades, Partners In Leadership has delivered a proven, award-winning, impactful, and sustainable approach to creating a Culture of Accountability in organizations of any size.

Partners In Leadership worldwide team of experts and systematic approach, tools, and processes combine to measure, move, and sustain best-in-class workplaces that regularly experience 25%+ improved engagement, execution, adaptability, and growth.

Organizations can pull two mutually enhancing levers to produce results: strategy (what they work on) and culture (how they work). Just as the right strategy aims to deliver a client’s mission, a Culture of Accountability produces the engagement, commitment, ownership, innovation, satisfaction, and ultimately the results the mission expects. 


Books edited by Partners In Leadership:



Look for our Programs:

  • The Accountability builder - Drive Measurable Results Through Accountability
    • This training sparks motivation, ownership, and innovation. Inspires every individual and team to take greater accountability, visibly, and measurably, for delivering impact and value to achieve the organization’s results.
      • The Steps to Accountability® 
      • Overcome below the line behavior
      • Identifying your Accountability Gap®
      • Improve performance with feedback
  • The Leadership Builder - Develop Your Leaders With Accountability
    • Leadership development continues to be a major area of focus for organizations today. In this program, master how to create positive accountability, establish expectations, close performance gaps, and accelerate communication. This program strengthens leaders’ ability to hold others accountable in a positive and principled way.
      • Identifying your Expectations Chain®
      • Accountability Styles® assessment
      • Working with the Accountability tools
      • Increase team engagement
  • Lead Culture - Accelerate. Enhance. Create a Culture of Accoutability®
    • Change management can be difficult; in fact, 70% of organizations say their change management efforts are currently lacking a simple and effective model that people at all levels can use. This program helps leaders shape organizational culture and accelerate change. It works because it gets to the root of culture: the beliefs held throughout the organization and the experiences that cause those beliefs to take shape.
      • Alignment around the key results
      • Identify the way people think and act
      • What needs to shift
      • Articulate those shifts into beliefs

"GSK has been working with Bright Concept in the last few years both on Coaching and Accountability. Within Accountability, training programs may be transformational for companies that want to increase the responsibility level of their employees, once responsibility is presented as an individual choice to take on their goals as well as companies challenges. Programs are customized and the attention and detail we get from Bright Concept is an asset to any  organization."

Testimony of GSK - DRH Paula Lourenço