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Bright Concept

The Inner Game International School

The Inner Game International School

We are the representatives of the Inner Game International School, the school created by Tim Gallwey.


The Inner Game international School | Tim Gallwey


Tim Gallwey is considered as the father of Coaching and he is the author of several best-selling books such as "The Inner game of Tenis", "The Inner Game of Work". Its mission is to increase people's performance by developing their potential and reducing internal interferences.


Tim Gallwey


Through the Inner Game Coaching´s Certification, we have accomplished several coaching sessions to leaders and applied their concepts in a few programs in order to increase the satisfaction index of employees, namely for those who have responsibilities in customer service and sales.

Through certification in the Inner Game Essentials, we implement training sessions for leaders and the commercial area as you have never seen before.

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David Centeno -  Responsible for the BP Iberia's Formation

Testimony of BP - David Centeno -
Responsible for the BP Iberia's Formation

"At Bright Concept , they can promote learning through methodologies and contents that involve and contribute to achieving engagement. They also put into action development plans for employees so that their skills move forward."