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Bright Concept

Who we are

Who we are


Who are we and what we do?


At Bright Concept we believe in each individual's potential and so we can make both people and their organizations grow. We believe that... It´s In You.

We have the privilege of living in a time of the history of mankind in which organizations allow their collaborators to live their passions in business and to use their potential in all its length.  While in the last 100 years of the industrial Age, the human spirit, the voice and the passions have been suppressed, we now have the opportunity for collaborators to stand out and play a higher role, serving a superior purpose. 

In order to do this, organizations must learn how to engage and develop their collaborators for higher competency levels and as well as to ensure that their leaders are better prepared for new challenges.



What kind of problems do we solve?


Many organizations need the commitment and creativity of the collaborators, but they are prisoners of the system they have created.

In fact, the world average of employees engaged and committed to their work is only 14% and companies have a permanent struggle to increase their sales.

Bright Concept conducts consulting with organizations as well as training and coaching for their employees, so that they better take advantage of their own potential and organizations achieve intended results.

International dimension of Bright Concept allows us to make interventions in any country, as long as the official language is Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Mandarin.



Bright Concept History



Since I was a child, being able to help people evolve was what fascinated me the most. So I took a degree in psychology and then I devoted myself to psychotherapy and behavioral training as a consultant.

In 1997 I created the company - Conceito FA - for me to be able to ensure a more tailored service to organizations and to increase the motivation of employees. This call was even more accomplished as we created the Concept O2 in 2001. We brought coaching to Portugal, we founded the ICF - International Coach Federation and we also developed leadership and customer relationship within many organizations in Portugal, Angola and Brazil.


However, I often felt some frustration, because changes we made were very limited. With training, people felt motivated and with necessary know-how to change but once they arrived at their workplace, context took care of all the willingness to change. In Executive coaching we worked with one person at a time and as a result, we arrived at few people.

Apart from that, we were very limited to a few companies, thus having little impact on the community. In addition, our structure did not allow us to go to other countries. So I felt I needed to go further and act close to more people within the context where they worked on a day-to-day basis, so that they could really enjoy all the renewal that we were starting to create.



Then I created Bright Concept in 2015.

  • We studied what in the consultancy market was done, in order to change the system where people worked.
  • We studied what we could do to get people to deal with what prevents them from changing.
  • We have studied online methods to help create and maintain change.
  • We studied how brain development is processed.
  • We also studied programs that contributed most to developing strategic thinking.
  • We even analyzed how could we contribute more to the community.



With Tim Gallwey´s certification within the Inner Game, we realized what was limiting us and limiting most of the coachees whom we were working with. In the certification with Partner in Leadership, we discovered how to work the organizational system to be able to change the culture or change the engagement of the collaborators.

Within the study of the brain, we found out how to increase performance in a more efficient way. With No Bully, we have found a way to contribute to the community by leveraging our knowledge of coaching. With Storewars, we have discovered a program that develops strategic thinking.

All of this has changed our way of working.


And the results are appearing. Customers were fascinated by the potential coming from Inner Game. We are already increasing the accountability and engagement of some organizations. Executive coaching results are increasing. And we have been able to make interventions in several countries, as long as they speak Portuguese, English, French, Spanish or Mandarin. And we have already solved many cases of Bullying in Portuguese schools. We believe more and more than It´s in YOU.

Isabel Freire de Andrade