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/ Develop Accountability in organizations for a more productive and winning Portugal

Develop Accountability in organizations for a more productive and winning Portugal

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How did the interest in Accountability come about at Bright Concept?


We have been working for 18 years to make people more efficient and satisfied in their work. With Bright Concept, we thought we should go further and focus on a broader intervention, which includes consultancy in addition to training and coaching, and which has a proven impact on the productivity of organizations and therefore in Portugal.
We have thus become the exclusive representatives of Partners In Leadership, the company recognized worldwide for its results in creating accountable cultures in all types of organizations.


What is Accountability anyway?


The word “accountability” in Portuguese means “proactive responsibility”. Being accountable means being above circumstances and having a constant inner guidance that tells us “what more can I do to contribute to my organization's goals?”. The lack of personal accountability in achieving organizational goals is a pervasive dilemma. Indeed, on average, 60% of employees in each organization admit to not taking action when they identify a problem within their organization.


What contribution can you make?


In reality, there is a natural propensity to enter the “victimization cycle”, that is, in the face of inefficiency or lack of results, we blame circumstances or third parties. With the Accountability Program we intend to enhance individual and collective accountability, which are the engine of productivity, innovation and success of an organization. Our objective is clear: to transform the cycle of victimization into a cycle of responsibility and results! We want to take Portuguese organizations to carry out this “switch” and to go much further than they imagine!



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