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/ The OZ Principle

The OZ Principle

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Getting results through individual and organizational Accountability


The Oz Principle shows how people and organizations, armed with attitudes of accountability, can overcome the obstacles, excuses and misperceptions that keep them from achieving the results they desire.

This book is inspired by the story of "The Wizard of Oz" and retells a journey to self-awareness, in which the characters gradually learn that they have the power within them to get the results they desire. Until the end they think of themselves as victims of circumstance and look to the all-powerful wizard of Oz to give them the courage, wisdom and means to succeed. The journey itself allows them to realize that only they themselves can achieve their desires.

This book is also a journey where we get to know many cases of companies that have made this journey. On this journey we learned not only how we can become more accountable for results, but also how to create an organizational culture that develops and rewards the kind of accountability needed to rebuild the business culture.

It is the journey from ignorance to knowledge, from fear to courage, from paralysis to power, from victimization to responsibility. It has a very simple lesson: Don't blame others for your circumstances, don't wait for sorcerers who say they do magic, and never wait for all your problems to go away.

I especially like this book because it shows us in a pragmatic and grounded way how through accountability we can move to make the future brighter!


Book Publisher: Prentice Hall

Isabel Freire de Andrade, Managing Partner Bright Concept


(Translated to English)