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/ It’s essential to know our potential

It’s essential to know our potential

IN: Jornal Público

With approximately 30 years of experience, she is the founder and partner of Bright Concept, the consulting firm that won the first place in the Best HR Suppliers competition. Who is this company and the woman who is at the forefront of Bright Concept?


Bright Concept was born to enhance the brilliance of every person, team and organization. We make each client a success story. I will reveal to you the secret of our work: everything we do, we do with pleasure and personalized dedication. I believe that was the reason that led us to 1º Global Place as Best HR Provider. Our clients, such as SiemensBPSonaeSantanderLeroy MerlinTranquilidadeItaúREN and FNAC, value when we maximize the potential of our employees in the areas of LeadershipEmotional IntelligenceAccountabilityInfluence and Relationship with Customers. What is the impact of what we do? We increase profitability, performance and satisfaction, making customer mission a reality!


As for me, I strive to transmit our values. That’s why I try to be the personification of enthusiasm, trust, innovation and efficiency. My philosophy is very simple: it is essential to know our potential, use it without interference and fulfill our dreams.


Today, many professionals are not satisfied with their career or because they haven’t yet found the right company to work for or because they are tired of the work they do. Based on this reality, what is it like to be a consultant in Portugal? It’s fantastic to be a consultant in Portugal.


It’s having the opportunity every day to contribute for the development of our customers and grow with it. Every day we know and live different realities, demanding a high level of adaptation to change. In what profession is all this possible? Just Consulting.


Isabel believes that “people can be more than what they imagine” and that with your work, you can help them “realize that potential”. Nowadays, within the Portugues companies, is there a real appreciation of their human capital?


The large Portuguese companies realized that the investment in their employees can lead them to excellence. The national companies who have contacted us are the most competitive in Portugal and so they are aware and adopt human resources policies very similar to multinationals. They know very well that the return of our training and coaching has a very high ROI.


If Bright Concept assumes itself as a company that “gives more brightness” to people, who gives that brightness to Bright Concept?


Bright Concept’s brightness comes from the quality of my team, the customers when they ask the best and finally from our partners when they help us to maintain the level of quality of our intervention.


Among the partners we are the exclusive representatives in Portugal of the Partners In Leadership, a company internationally recognized in the area of ​​Organizational Culture Change and Accountability development. The Inner Game International School, in which we invited Tim Gallwey, the coaching father, to come to Portugal, to make a workshop and launch the school. No Bully, the program which we develop the Emotional Intelligence of young people in schools to stop bullying.


In your opinion, what distinguishes a leadership in the feminine from a leadership in the masculine? Which are the advantages of having a team with men and women with such different characteristics?


A female leadership is likely to be more multifaceted, versatile and flexible. A man’s leadership is usually more focused, efficient and dedicated 100% to each task separately. Thus, there are great advantages to having a diverse workforce, to bring together the core qualities of both and to maximize the objectives.


Being a woman, at any point in your career, has been an impediment or some kind of obstacle to achieving a goal?


No, it was never an impediment, besides I would never let it be an obstacle to accomplish my goals! Today the Western reality allows us to achieve our goals depending mainly on ourselves and our will. And I always make sure that happens the same with me.


For the future, what projects do you want to see materialized at Bright Concept?


Our main goal is to ensure that our customers are prepared for the 4th industrial revolution, where the way of doing business will be very different. For that we are giving training, consulting and coaching so our clients are excellent in Leadership, Innovation, Networking, and Collaborators Development. We want to make sure the future is brilliant, for us and for our customers!