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/ What will successful leaders look like in the future?

What will successful leaders look like in the future?

IN: Jornal do Forum RH

Imagine yourself in 2022, in a futuristic atmosphere… You are in the middle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution!


You live in a digitized world of Advanced Robotics, Autonomous Transport, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, and constant cutting-edge technological creations.

You're at home, in your old armchair, and you're considering moving to a better job… You grab your tablet, do an intelligent search, and quickly have access to a huge list of companies where you can work.

Consider asking for information about potential bosses in these companies, as in your opinion, a bad boss is what makes you give up a job. You decide that this time, this will be the first criteria for choosing your new job.

You shift in your chair… and begin to reflect on current successful leaders and those who have so far made their potential unfold.

What an arduous task!

What are the most important skills for a leader?

Think out loud...

Currently, trends change at an astonishing speed, if a leader does not have good strategic and creative thinking, he will probably end up working on a project that will fall out of favor very quickly or will not be able to solve some more complex problems that arise.

It is also important… to analyze the accountability scores of the teams and leaders of each company. If they are high, it's worth applying because they are the best indicator of the company's success.

I've had several bosses who didn't set an example in terms of responsibility and integrity and couldn't focus the team to achieve the desired results … my colleagues ended up being focused on their interests, got into the victimization game, didn't manage change constructively and the results didn't show up. I don't want to repeat the experience...

Finally, I'll look at the leadership styles of bosses. Those with the highest ratings from their employees in visionary, coaching, participatory and relational styles will be the best.

Those who are directive, the pace settings that only lead by example, will be the bosses to be eliminated because they no longer make sense in today's flat structures and in this robotic world, with no space for the heart and soul. What I value in a leader is that he is very human, empathetic, that he motivates, develops, promotes cooperation, and that he shares a meaning for the work!

I'm also going to look at bosses' emotional intelligence assessments, the basis for a boss to have these leadership styles, and I realize that the initial list is getting really short. .. but I still find companies with interesting leaders to explore.

This reflection made me uneasy, I never imagined that there were so few true leaders… however, I see it as a challenge! I realize that I still have a lot to develop if I ever want to become a good leader. Being excellent at strategic thinking, creativity, accountability, and still being empathetic and visionary seems very demanding to me.

A little sad, I wonder if I can get there…


We at Bright Concept believe so and we can show you how! After all, It´s in you!


And you? What are you reading? Do you want to be part of this list in 2022?


(Translated from Portuguese)